Would You Upgrade Your Factory Car Radio With Aftermarket Navigation Unit?

Most high-end new vehicles now come equipped with in-dash navigation systems where the driver can access maps, plot out the fastest route to a destination, and avoid traffic congestion on busy roads and freeways. While some base models don't come with large screen navigation system just with basic car radio system, would you upgrade the factory car radio unit with an aftermarket navigation unit?

Commonly referred to as GPS navigation device, a built-in unit has many advantages that can help the driver save time, money and frustration.

Using your starting and final destinations, the system can map out the most time-efficient route to get you where you need to be. The more hi-tech versions can tap into traffic and congestion data and inform you if there are any anticipated delays. You can avoid traffic jams and wasted time sitting idly on a freeway. Some units even offer rear-view imaging, so that you can have better visibility when parking and backing up. This can come in really handy in tight spots or at night, when visibility is naturally diminished. Speed limits are reflected on your screen, so you can easily see if you are below, at limit or above limit while driving.

In addition, these devices can also help you locate specific points of interest based on your location. Need to fill up at a gas station? Want to grab a burger? Searching for a museum or zoo for family day? A navigation unit makes it easier than ever to find what you are looking for. Simply type in what you need and the navigation system will give you plenty of options for the nearest matches. This is a very helpful tool when travelling in a new city or state; naturally, you will not know where every hotspot is- the GPS tool will help you find what you need.

Most systems have “hands-free” voice-activation, so that you can stay focused on the road while plugging in your destination details. This is equally beneficial for making voice calls without risking a ticket, or an accident!

For a reasonable price, you can upgrade your system and throw out the paper maps for good.

If you have an older vehicle that is fitted with a standard factory car radio, you can still enjoy the benefits of an aftermarket car dvd player navigation system. Some of these units go for as low as $150, with higher technology models going up to $1,500. Whatever your budget, you can find an aftermarket car dvd navigation unit that will suit your needs.

One of the added benefits of these systems is their capacity to act as a media system, as well as a GPS tracking device. Most of the in-dash systems are compatible with USB, smartphones and Bluetooth. This means that you can easily hook up external media to your car and enjoy music and videos from your personal collection. You will additionally have access to standard AM/FM radio and usually a CD/DVD drive is fitted into the technology.

If you have children, you can have additional screens fitted in the backseats to keep the kids quiet with a movie or TV show during long drives.

For just a few hundred dollars, you can transform your driving experience! An Aftermarket car DVD player navigation unit reduces stress, saves time and money, and alleviates road rage. Drive in style, safety and luxury with a navigation unit: you won’t regret this purchase.

About Author: I'm Jacky from DVDGPSNav.com, which offers quality aftermarket car DVD player navigation units online. All head units are made directly from our factory, so you can get factory-direct prices and excellent service. Contact us to find out the navigation unit which is special for your car, or check the buying guide before the purchase.

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