The Best Aftermarket BMW E90 DVD Player Radio Replacement

If you own a BMW E90, and feel boring about the factory CD player and car radio, so you would like to upgrade it with a new aftermarket dvd player gps unit to replace the factory ones. The new unit not only comes with function which your factory unit can do, but also many other features which your factory one can not do.

For example, you can watch DVD movies through the DVD player function, you can also pair with your phone via this unit so that you can make a phone call through the in-dash Bluetooth system which is integrated in this unit. Besides, you can go anywhere you have never been before, thanks to the gps technology, the built-in gps navigation system can bring you driving to any place you want to go.

The price for the aftermarket gps unit is not as expensive as the original navigation head unit, it costs about 500USD for a replacement, and you don't need to do any modification for installation, so installation is very easy, just plug and play, and the provided cables are right to plug into the factory wiring harness.

So are you considering this low cost of new navigation dvd unit for BMW E90 now? If yes, you can check more about it via the video as below.

This is the best BMW E90 DVD player radio replacement on the market so far. Normally it fits BMW 3 series including BMW 318i, BMW 323i, BMW 320i, BMW 320si, BMW 316i, BMW 325i, BMW 328i, BMW 330i, BMW 335i, BMW 316d, BMW 318d, and so on. So where to buy this unit? Here you go: http://www.dvdgpsnav.com/car-dvd-bmw-e90-gps-e90-navigation-bmw-3-series-navi-radio.html

New update in 2017!
If you are more interested in a Android based head unit for BMW E90 or E92 or E93, we can also provide, with 1024*600 high definition capacitive screen, 4-cores high speed processor, 16GB+1GB, WiFi, Mirror-Link, Bluetooth, navigation system, DVD player, FM/AM tuner, etc.

for more information about this new Android BMW E90 E92 E93 navigation head unit please click here: http://www.dvdgpsnav.com/android-bmw-e90-e92-radio-gps-navigation-dvd-player-head-unit-wifi-hd-touch-screen.html