How to Study Steering Wheel Controls for Aftermarket Car DVD?

Most aftermarket car DVD players can support steering wheel controls nowadays, if you have installed a DVD player for your car, but found original steering wheel control does not work, firstly you can check if the one you bought comes with a CAN-BUS decoder box to support steering wheel controls, if not, you can follow the below instructions one by one to study it:

Firstly you can turn on the unit, then you can see the main menu by default, touch and slide the menu to find and enter into Settings menu. Because steering wheel control settings are usually in the settings of the unit.

Then click SWC, this function is simply called SWC, which means steering wheel control. So you can see the SWC interface now. So you can click the Volume+ icon, and then long press the Vol+ Key in the wheel of the car in about 1~2 seconds, then this key should be learned successfully. Then you can repeat to study other keys with the same operation.

After you complete all keys settings, remember to click "Save" to save all your data, now you are able to use your steering wheel controls to control your car DVD now. Just so easy, isn't it?

For different car models, the SWC menu may be a little different, but the solution is the same and you can do it yourself after installation of the unit. You can contact the supplier to see if that unit can support your steering wheel controls or not before you place the order, or check this buying guide on choose an aftermarket DVD player for car.