2013 2014 2015 2016 Toyota RAV4 Navigation System Radio Upgrade

New Toyota RAV4 navigation system upgrade for factory Toyota RAV4 radio, replacing CD player with car DVD player, plus Bluetooth hands free phone calling and Bluetooth streaming music, digital TV optional.

Support steering wheel control
Support back up camera
Support 3D maps, with 8GB SD card and IGO GPS maps for free available worldwide.
USB, SD, iPod connections

10% OFF Now! ONLY US$269.

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Would You Upgrade Your Factory Car Radio With Aftermarket Navigation Unit?

Most high-end new vehicles now come equipped with in-dash navigation systems where the driver can access maps, plot out the fastest route to a destination, and avoid traffic congestion on busy roads and freeways. While some base models don't come with large screen navigation system just with basic car radio system, would you upgrade the factory car radio unit with an aftermarket navigation unit?

Commonly referred to as GPS navigation device, a built-in unit has many advantages that can help the driver save time, money and frustration.

Using your starting and final destinations, the system can map out the most time-efficient route to get you where you need to be. The more hi-tech versions can tap into traffic and congestion data and inform you if there are any anticipated delays. You can avoid traffic jams and wasted time sitting idly on a freeway. Some units even offer rear-view imaging, so that you can have better visibility when parking and backing up. This can come in really handy in tight spots or at night, when visibility is naturally diminished. Speed limits are reflected on your screen, so you can easily see if you are below, at limit or above limit while driving.

In addition, these devices can also help you locate specific points of interest based on your location. Need to fill up at a gas station? Want to grab a burger? Searching for a museum or zoo for family day? A navigation unit makes it easier than ever to find what you are looking for. Simply type in what you need and the navigation system will give you plenty of options for the nearest matches. This is a very helpful tool when travelling in a new city or state; naturally, you will not know where every hotspot is- the GPS tool will help you find what you need.

Most systems have “hands-free” voice-activation, so that you can stay focused on the road while plugging in your destination details. This is equally beneficial for making voice calls without risking a ticket, or an accident!

For a reasonable price, you can upgrade your system and throw out the paper maps for good.

If you have an older vehicle that is fitted with a standard factory car radio, you can still enjoy the benefits of an aftermarket car dvd player navigation system. Some of these units go for as low as $150, with higher technology models going up to $1,500. Whatever your budget, you can find an aftermarket car dvd navigation unit that will suit your needs.

One of the added benefits of these systems is their capacity to act as a media system, as well as a GPS tracking device. Most of the in-dash systems are compatible with USB, smartphones and Bluetooth. This means that you can easily hook up external media to your car and enjoy music and videos from your personal collection. You will additionally have access to standard AM/FM radio and usually a CD/DVD drive is fitted into the technology.

If you have children, you can have additional screens fitted in the backseats to keep the kids quiet with a movie or TV show during long drives.

For just a few hundred dollars, you can transform your driving experience! An Aftermarket car DVD player navigation unit reduces stress, saves time and money, and alleviates road rage. Drive in style, safety and luxury with a navigation unit: you won’t regret this purchase.

About Author: I'm Jacky from DVDGPSNav.com, which offers quality aftermarket car DVD player navigation units online. All head units are made directly from our factory, so you can get factory-direct prices and excellent service. Contact us to find out the navigation unit which is special for your car, or check the buying guide before the purchase.


DIY - Installing a Mercedes-Benz W204 Navigation GPS Head unit to Upgrade Factory Stereo

Installing an aftermarket navigation GPS head unit is nothing new nowadays, not only for its multi-functions to add car entertainment, but also the aftermarket navigation unit makes your car looks modern and cool. For those who have a Mercedes-Benz C-Class W204 like C300, C200, C250, etc, you can upgrade the factory stereo including a small 5.8 inch screen in the dash with an aftermarket Mercedes-Benz W204 navigation head unit, which gives you a new 8 inch high definition touch screen.

Note: The original large screen can not be upgraded with this unit.

2018 Latest Update: New Mercedes Benz W204 Android head unit supports W204 with factory large screen now.

The new Mercedes W204 navigation GPS also comes with a one din DVD player optional, which can be installed in the glove box. But since you can keep the factory CD player working after installation, DVD player is not an essential part for this unit. Besides, your factory car radio, Bluetooth can also work after installation. And the factory screen menus showed on a 5 inch screen before can also display on the new 8 inch HD screen, because you are able to see the factory menus by touching the "Original" icon.

Installation is not difficult for a professional installer, if you have some knowledge of electronic you an also do it yourself. There's a installation manual included in the package which can show you the most steps one by one. If you want to check more pictures when installing this W204 navigation by DVDGPSNAV technicians, you can check this video on youtube:

However, there are some installation tips for new installer.

  •  Firstly you should prepare a special installation tools kit, so that you can detach the original screen unit and radio easily and avoid damage on the surface.
  • If your Mercedes Benz C W204 comes with fiber optic cables from the factory wiring harness, then you will need to move these fiber optic cables to the new plug which connects to the back connector from the factory radio and CD player.

    If you did not move the fiber optic cables, there may be no sound after installation. The sound from the new W204 GPS will be transferred from the original AUX function, so make sure your W204 has a working AUX.
  • If there's no audio/sound after installation, firstly you should check the above step to see if your car has fiber optic cables, if yes, then move them to the correct positions. Then you can check if you have set in AUX mode from factory menus, this is the most probably reason why there's no sound, this is the feedback from one of our customers after done this:
    "Ok thank you I found the issue I did not have it in aux mode and the volume selection was muted , everything works great now thank you ."

    How to activate original AUX mode?

    1. Firstly click "Original" icon at right of top menus of the new screen, so that you can enter the factory menus.

    2. Insert a CD disc into the CD player, the screen will display CD playing, then select "CD', enter, and select "AUX", enter, then the factory AUX mode activates and the screen will automatically change to new UI.
  • From the original plugs, there are a small white plug and a black plug which used to connect the back of the original screen, you don't need to connect them anymore.
  • There's a small speaker included in the package, this is used for the sound from GPS voice. So if you connect this small speaker, the GPS navigation sound will come out from this speaker so that it will not influence other sound from Radio, CD, USB, iPod, etc.
  • Normally the factory functions can still work after installation, in case there's anything wrong with the factory function, you can carefully compare the factory plug with the new plug which connects to the back connector of factory radio and CD player to see if there's any wire missing connected from the new plug, if yes, just move it to the new plug. You can also take some clear pictures and send to us for further checking. 
When installing this Mercedes-Benz W204 Navigation head unit, if you still have a question during installation, welcome to contact us or leave a comment on this post, we will do our best to help you. DVDGPSNAV is a professional and reliable supplier for aftermarket car DVD players, GPS navigation systems.

A new Pure Android OS Mercedes-Benz C W204 GPS unit is available now!
Android 7.1 OS, Quad-Cores 1.6GHz CPU, 16GB ROM, 2GB RAM
1024*600 HD 8" capacitive screen

Just click below link to learn more.


Can Aftermarket BMW E46 Navigation Support 6 CD Changer?

Sometimes during installation of an aftermarket BMW E46 navigation, you may don't know how to make the CD changer working, even doubt if the unit supports factory 6 CD changer?

BMW E46 usually comes with a factory Alpine 6 CD changer, for those who want to upgrade the factory BMW E46 radio, they may have a doubt that if the aftermarket BMW E46 navigation can support the factory 6 CDC, the answer is yes. If your new BMW E46 navigation is the same as this:

 bmw e46 navigation
Then you are able to use the factory Alpine 6 CD changer. However, please make sure your CDC is original Alpine, other brands or not original Alpine can not be supported! Besides, you should make sure your original Alpine 6 CD changer works well before the installation.

For BMW E46 after year 2002, the car should be with 40 pins flat plug, and before year 2002, it's with round 17 pins  plug. If there's a wide screen in the dashboard, the 17 pins or 40 pins plug is in the trunk, then you will need a long cable which runs from the front dash to the back in the trunk. By the way, this BMW E46 head unit also supports steering wheel control.

No matter which cable you use, the short or long one, you will always need to connect a CDC plug or CDC wires with your factory CDC wires. 

  • For BMW E46 after 2002 year, there's a small 4 pins black plug to connect, below is a pic for your reference: 

You just need to connect the above 2 plugs together, so that you can use the original Alpine 6 CD changer. If not, CDC will not work after installation of a BMW E46 navigation head unit. 

  • For BMW E46 before year 2002, the car is most probably comes with 17pins round plug, the aftermarket 17pins cable does not have the CDC plugs as 40pins cable. But there are 3 loose CDC wires including CDC-L, CDC-R, CDC-GND. If you want to use the Alpine 6 CDC, then you will need to connect these 3 wires with your car's CDC wires. You can check the wiring diagram from the factory unit, so that you can find out the factory CDC wires: CDC-L, CDC-R, and CDC-GND. CDC-L means left audio for CDC, CDC-R means right audio for CDC, and CDC-GND is the ground wire.


The aftermarket BMW E46 navigation unit can support original Alpine 6 CD changer, as long as you have done the right things as above. If you use the flat 40 pins plug cable, then you just need to connect the CDC plugs, if you use the round 17 pins plug cable, then you will also need to connect CDC wires(CDC-L, CDC-R, CDC-GND) directly with the factory ones.

Check this post to learn more about installation of BMW E46 navigation.


Buying and Installing Guide for In-Dash Car DVD Player Navigation

Car stereo is an important part of the cars. Listening to wonderful music in the car is only enjoyment, but also can help your body relax . As the number of cars increase, all-in-one in-dash car DVD player navigation rises, many car owners are not satisfied with the car stereo system coming from the factory configuration, more and more car owners prefer to entertainment system in the car, upgrading the factory car stereo with aftermarket in-dash all-in-one car DVD player navigation system becomes increasingly popular nowadays.

  • Make sure the DVD player navigation you are interested fit your car

When choosing an aftermarket all-in-one car DVD navigation for your car, the first thing you will need to do is checking the car information with the seller to make sure the one you are interested fit your car, doing this can avoid any inconvenience during installation, not only checking the car model and manufacture year, but also sending them a dashboard photo from the factory car radio for further checking, because the same car model may be with different configurations.

A professional seller like dvdgpsnav.com can tell you which unit fits your car and which is the best unit for your car, also send you some installation tips before processing your order. When choosing where to buy, some buyers usually choose the cheapest price to order, while that's not a wise choice, there are also some similar products in the market with the price which is hard to believe, be careful with them, remember that you get what you paid for, these units are often coming with low quality or the seller does not provide excellent after-sales service, everyday dvdgpsnav.com receives emails from buyers who purchased the DVD player navigation unit from other sellers asking help for installation and other questions or problems, even though the unit was not purchased from dvdgpsnav, they know such buyers are anxious to make things right and get their problems fixed and they will also help them.
  • Find a professional car stereo shop for installation

When you receive the car DVD navigation which is special for your car, the next thing to do is finding a professional car stereo shop to install for you. There are lots of car stereo shops available in the market, before taking the new car DVD player navigation unit to them for installation, you should pay attention to if they are really professional and if there service is good or not. Because some of them are not provide good service especially if there's an issue during installation, they will not willing to assist for further checking and just say the unit does not work, such a car stereo shop even charge you even after installation failed. That's why you should try to find a professional car stereo shop to install it for you which also provides excellent service during and after installation. Besides, a professional installer will not damage or destroy the new DVD navigation system and avoid scratches or damage of the surfaces.

During installation if your installer have any questions or problems, you can contact the seller as soon as possible, at this time you can confirm if you've chosen a good seller of your unit, a responsible seller will reply you at earliest time and do their best to assist you and your installer, you can also let your installer to contact the seller directly(if your seller is willing to) for better communication of the questions, so that they can solve the issues quickly.
  • Conclusion

In general, it's worth to buy and install an aftermarket in-dash all-in-one car DVD player navigation head unit and upgrade the old car stereo, but you should choose a professional and responsible seller and make sure the one you order is the best unit for your car. Then you should choose a professional and good service installer to install the unit for you.

About the author: William is a technician from dvdgpsnav, he is professional for all aftermarket DVD player GPS head units, and knows how to professionally install in-dash car DVD navigation system, if you have a question during installation of the unit, you can contact him.

Hopefully, this article helps you in your decision of buying a new car DVD navigation unit and you will have the best choice for your vehicle.

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Suzuki SX4 S-Cross Radio Removal - Upgrade with DVD GPS Navigation

The Suzuki SX4 S-Cross replaced the standard SX4 in Suzuki's range from 2013, it's the first real entry into the crossover small SUV market which is different than the old version. The aftermarket Suzuki SX4 radio DVD GPS is one of the best selling touch screen head units in the market due to the decent prices and features.

For 2006-2013 Suzuki SX4 GPS, you can check installation instructions here. This article focus on installing the unit for 2014, 2015 Suzuki SX4 S-cross.

The new Suzuki SX4 S-Cross radio DVD GPS navigation unit is also with excellent features like a large HD 8 inch touch screen, region-free DVD player, Bluetooth hands free phone calls, GPS navigation system, AUX and USB inputs, etc, it can also support steering wheel controls and a back up camera. Installation is pretty easy which is just like installation for most units in the market, if you have some experiences for units for other cars before you should also be able to install such a Suzuki SX4 S-cross radio DVD GPS unit.

Just the same as before, the first thing you will need to do for installation is removing the factory Suzuki S cross radio system in the center console. It does require some professional installation tools in order to remove it, firstly you can use a plastic knife to pry out the middle hazard warning light, then take it out and unplug it. Then you are able to pry out the air vents from bottom, it's easy to take out the air vents, so after removing the center console looks like as below:

Then look inside of the hole, you will find there are 2 screws which fixed the factory Suzuki SX4 S-Cross radio, after removing the screws, you are able to take out the factory crossover radio head unit, unplug all plugs behind, firstly press the buckle then pull out the plug.

So the factory Suzuki SX4 S-Cross OEM radio has been removed now. The next thing you will need to do is installing the new SX4 S-Cross DVD GPS navigation unit.

It comes with standard cables, plugs to match the factory wiring harness, so it's quite easy to plug all cables with different connectors. At this time, you can install the GPS antenna which can be installed at top right or inside of the dashboard, USB and iPod cable which can be installed in the glove box, if you need to install a back up camera as well, connect the camera's video cable with the RCA cable with a label of "CAMERA-IN", and connect the "BACK" wire with 12v reverse light which is used to control the camera when you put in reverse gear. 

After all wires and cables are well connected, you can push into the new SX4 S Cross unit into the dash, fix the screws, install back air vents and hazard warning light, everything is done!

Now you can turn on the car, test every function, enjoy!

Helpful resource for Suzuki SX4 S-Cross OEM radio removal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7VGG2n_4r4


BMW E46 Radio Removal + BMW E46 Navigation Installation

BMW E46 is the classic BMW 3 series which produced by BMW from year 1998 to 2006. For the base model BMW E46 radio in the dashboard it does not have navigation system, just FM/AM car radio and a CD player. The old BMW E46 radio may be defective after a few years, now you are able to replace it with an aftermarket quality double din 7 inch touch screen BMW E46 navigation head unit in good price, we provide some pictures showing the old BMW E46 radio removal and installing new BMW E46 navigation unit.
The first thing you will need to do is prying up the decorative bars near the BMW E46 radio, you can use special installation tools to pry up the trims carefully, these installation tools kit is cheap and should be available in a car stereo shop.

After removed the trims you can see the screws which fixed the E46 radio, use a cross screwdriver to take out screws on both side.

Remove CD player:

Remove climate control:

Install new BMW E46 navigation:

Relocate the climate control/air conditioning system in the storage compartment below the new e46 navigation.

All wires/ cables connection from rear of the new BMW E46 navigation:

You can download a full installation instruction manual via this link, including more pics showing how to remove the factory BMW E46 radio and how to install new BMW E46 navigation system.
Note: If your BMW E46 has a 16:9 or 4:3 screen in the dashboard, you will need to use a 6m long cable with 17pins or 40pins plug to connect your 17pins or 40pins plug in the trunk, see pic below:

There’s also a long radio antenna included in the package to connect your radio antenna in the trunk.
Frequently asked questions about this touch screen 7″ BMW E46 navigation.
Q: How can I know if it fits my car?
A: As long as your car is BMW E46, this BMW E46 radio fits your car.
Q: Can this unit support my steering wheel controls?
A: Yes, this BMW E46 radio supports steering wheel controls through a CAN-BUS decoder.
Q: Do you offer GPS maps for my country?
A: We offer free navigation maps for nearly all over the world, including USA, Canada, South America, Europe, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, UAE, Middle East, Asia, South Africa, etc.
Q: Can this BMW E46 radio support CD changer?
A: This e46 radio supports original Alpine 6 CD changer. However, you have more choices to listen to quality music through SD card, USB, iPod, Bluetooth phone, DVD, CD.
Q: Can I connect a rear view camera with it?
A: Yes, it can connect a rear view camera, automatically work, you can check this post on how to install a rear view camera.
If you are interested in this BMW E46 navigation, you can learn more features and buy it on this page: http://www.dvdgpsnav.com/car-dvd-bmw-e46-navigation-system-e46-dvd-gps-navi.html
We also offer technical support for installation, if you have any questions during installing, you can contact us freely, we are more than happy to assist you.


How to Set Wallpaper for Car DVD Player GPS Nav Unit?

Nowadays it's common to install an aftermarket car DVD player GPS nav unit because of the excellent features it provides. If you purchased a DVD nav unit, normally there's an default image for the wallpaper which is the same as all buyers, just like the boot car logo when startup. But do you know you can also custom a personalized background image as the wallpaper of the unit?

Firstly you can prepare the image you would like to set, the resolution for the image should be the same as your screen, for example, if your screen is 800*480, then the background image should also be with 800*480 resolution, so that it's clear enough after setting. You may need to use Photoshop to custom the image, the wallpaper can be chosen as a photo from you or your family, or beautiful scenery, or anything else, the clearer the better, for more wallpapers you can check this site.

After you have already prepared the background image, you can copy the image to a USB device or a micro SD card, then connect the USB with USB cable or insert the SD card into the SD card slot(not the GPS card slot) which is usually at the front panel of the DVD nav unit.

So your USB device has been connected with the unit now, click USB icon in main menu, enter into USB mode, browse files and find out the image, double click the image, then save this image as your wallpaper, then you will see a message "set wallpaper successfully". 

This video can also show you how to set wallpaper for aftermarket car DVD player and GPS Nav head unit: 

By the way, for Android OS, setting a wallpaper is the same as you set in your Android mobile phone. 


DIY Suzuki SX4 Radio DVD GPS Navi Install

Installation for an aftermarket Suzuki SX4 radio is quite easy for a professional mechanic or a car stereo shop, but we also would like to share with you this installation guide for the Suzuki SX4 radio dvd gps unit, which comes with wiring harness ready for existing SX4 factory plug and fits exactly in your center console, so you will not need any double din mounting frame to relocate it, it's plug and play.

How does the replacement looks like compared to factory SX4 radio unit?

A new Android 5.1.1 OS Suzuki SX4 radio GPS is available now:
Android Suzuki SX4 Radio GPS

The new Android Suzuki SX4 radio GPS comes with 8" HD 1024x600 resolution capacitive and multi-touch screen, 4-Cores 1.6GHz CPU, 16GB ROM, 1GB RAM, more features including WiFi, Mirror-Link, etc.

Below is the wiring harness and all accessories included in the package.

1x wiring harness
1x USB cable
1x iPod cable for iPod/iPhone 4/4S
1x remote control
1x GPS antenna
1x Stylus
1x User manual

Note: The GPS SD card with GPS maps is already in the GPS card slot, because the seller should test the unit with navigation system before the shipment.

This new radio dvd is going to be installed in a 2010 Suzuki SX4 Hatchback, see the dash picture as following:

1. In order to get the factory car radio out, firstly you will need to pry off the metal strip on both sides, get a plastic pry bar and slowly pry from the strip/trim sides until you can pry from the bottom to the top. Because there are 4 buckles on each strip. The bottom 2 buckles are plastic which is easy to pull out, and the top 2 buckles are metal.

2. After pulling out 2 metal strips, you can see 4 screws fixed the factory SX4 radio, use a cross screwdriver to remove 2 screws on left side and 2 screws on right side.

3. You are able to pull out the factory Suzuki SX4 radio/CD out now, use a towel underneath to protect the air conditioning panel.

4. Unplug the factory wiring harness at back, press the buckle to pull out the plug, get the factory radio out.

5. Remove 2 screws at top of the new Suzuki SX4 radio DVD GPS navi unit, these screws are used to protect the DVD loader during shipment, if you did not remove these 2 screws, you will not be able to use DVD function, the disc can not be inserted into.

6. Connect GPS antenna with the back port of the new unit, connect iPod cable, USB cable, plug the new wiring harness. You can put the USB and iPod cable at glove box, so it's invisible.

7. After all cables are well connected, push the new SX4 head unit into the dashboard, install screws to fix the new unit, install the strip/trim on both sides. That's all. Now you can turn on the unit and test every function now. Enjoy!


What Can Aftermarket BMW DVD GPS Navigation Head Unit Do For You?

To the car navigation systems enthusiast and more so BMW car owners, the BMW DVD GPS Navigation Head Unit is the perfect choice for real time car entertainment in as far as quality High Definition (HD) display, quality sound system and detailed navigation are concerned. Depending on the model of your BMW car ranging from the BMW 3 series(E46 or E90), BMW X5 E53 or BMW 5 series E39 and many others, you can choose a BMW DVD GPS navigation head unit that is suitable for you according to your car model.

The aftermarket BMW DVD GPS navigation head unit can do a lot for you as it has been experienced by a number of BMW owners. As mentioned above, this system has a wide full touch screen that allows you to make fast selections for your specifications on the factory menu and the new menu for GPS navigation, USB, DVD player and even the iPod. The screen from the BMW navigation system helps you to keep your kids entertained by playing some DVD movies and cartoons hence less distractions from the children which helps you to concentrate on driving.

The wide screen also offers you convenience. Through its clear pictures one can be able to see clearly the rear part of the car as you drive backwards on the reverse mode if you connect it with a back up camera. This advancement in technology means that the old method of reversing you car by turning your head backwards to check whether you are driving safely so as not to hit the trash-bin or the wall at the neighborhood is a thing of the past. And the new head unit supports your steering wheel controls through a CAN-BUS decoder.

Through integration of the major functions of the main dashboard components such as multimedia, radio, telephone, contacts and navigation into one system with a single controller, the driver is able to make hands free phone calls via Bluetooth connectivity. This reduces distractions so the driver is able to concentrate on driving and avoids causing accidents.

Another benefit of installing the BMW navigation system in your specific BMW car model is that the system enables the driver to receive real time traffic information so that the driver can avoid traffic congestion. With the IGO GPS maps offered for free by most navigation re-seller outlets, the driver is able to track the traffic condition of major road networks that would affect the traffic situation on the roads they are using.

One more benefit that is worth mentioning is that after it has served you diligently for your many navigation and car entertainment needs and you decide to upgrade your car by selling it and purchasing another, the car command is a greater resell value than when it lacks the navigation system.

Since many BMW drivers consider cars with an already installed GPS navigation head unit as more desirable than those without the system, they are willing to spend more to acquire such a car and this assures you that you will get a higher return when you decide to sell you current BMW model with an already installed aftermarket BMW DVD GPS navigation head unit.


Car Trunk Lid Handle Back up Camera for BMW E46 E90 E39 E60 E70 F10 F30 E82 E88

What’s the best option if I want to install a back up camera for my BMW? Do I need to drill a hole? Does it look OEM? These are the questions which may ask for those who want to purchase and install the backup camera for BMW 3 series or 5 series like BMW E46, BMW E90, BMW E39, BMW E60, BMW E70, BMW F10, BMW F30, BMW E82, BMW E88,  BMW X1, BMW X5 and so on.
As we all know, the universal reversing cameras are developed for all vehicles, for those universal ones, you may need to drill a hole from the rear position near the license plate, or you will need to drill 2 holes for screws fixing the camera. Besides, the universal one means it’s for every car, so it does not look oem or even ugly for your specific car.
Thanks to the modern technology, the trunk lid handle backup camera for BMW comes out now. Obviously the BMW trunk lid handle back up camera should be installed in the trunk handle, and the camera is hidden in the trunk handle, you are even not able to see it from the back of your BMW E90, BMW E60 or BMW F10. Unlike the universal ones, this BMW trunk handle rear view camera is easy for installation, you will not need to drill any holes, just fix it into your trunk lid handle, and it doesn’t replace your license plate light for night vision, you can check below picture showing how it looks like after installing:
bmw trunk lid handle back up camera
Can this BMW trunk handle back up camera fit my car?
It’s easy to check if this BMW trunk lid handle backup camera fits your car by measuring the dimensions from the trunk handle, if the measurements are about 110x39mm as below:
You should choose the No.1 model which is with measurements of 110x39mm. While if your measurements are 162x47mm, No.1 model is the correct one. For more information about this reversing camera just visit: http://www.dvdgpsnav.com/bmw-trunk-handle-rear-view-camera.html
trunk handle rear view camera for BMW

Main Features:
HD CCD image sensor
520TV line
with parking lines
170 degree viewing angle
Waterproof: IP 68
Price is only US$36.9.