DIY Suzuki SX4 Radio DVD GPS Navi Install

Installation for an aftermarket Suzuki SX4 radio is quite easy for a professional mechanic or a car stereo shop, but we also would like to share with you this installation guide for the Suzuki SX4 radio dvd gps unit, which comes with wiring harness ready for existing SX4 factory plug and fits exactly in your center console, so you will not need any double din mounting frame to relocate it, it's plug and play.

How does the replacement looks like compared to factory SX4 radio unit?

A new Android 5.1.1 OS Suzuki SX4 radio GPS is available now:
Android Suzuki SX4 Radio GPS

The new Android Suzuki SX4 radio GPS comes with 8" HD 1024x600 resolution capacitive and multi-touch screen, 4-Cores 1.6GHz CPU, 16GB ROM, 1GB RAM, more features including WiFi, Mirror-Link, etc.

Below is the wiring harness and all accessories included in the package.

1x wiring harness
1x USB cable
1x iPod cable for iPod/iPhone 4/4S
1x remote control
1x GPS antenna
1x Stylus
1x User manual

Note: The GPS SD card with GPS maps is already in the GPS card slot, because the seller should test the unit with navigation system before the shipment.

This new radio dvd is going to be installed in a 2010 Suzuki SX4 Hatchback, see the dash picture as following:

1. In order to get the factory car radio out, firstly you will need to pry off the metal strip on both sides, get a plastic pry bar and slowly pry from the strip/trim sides until you can pry from the bottom to the top. Because there are 4 buckles on each strip. The bottom 2 buckles are plastic which is easy to pull out, and the top 2 buckles are metal.

2. After pulling out 2 metal strips, you can see 4 screws fixed the factory SX4 radio, use a cross screwdriver to remove 2 screws on left side and 2 screws on right side.

3. You are able to pull out the factory Suzuki SX4 radio/CD out now, use a towel underneath to protect the air conditioning panel.

4. Unplug the factory wiring harness at back, press the buckle to pull out the plug, get the factory radio out.

5. Remove 2 screws at top of the new Suzuki SX4 radio DVD GPS navi unit, these screws are used to protect the DVD loader during shipment, if you did not remove these 2 screws, you will not be able to use DVD function, the disc can not be inserted into.

6. Connect GPS antenna with the back port of the new unit, connect iPod cable, USB cable, plug the new wiring harness. You can put the USB and iPod cable at glove box, so it's invisible.

7. After all cables are well connected, push the new SX4 head unit into the dashboard, install screws to fix the new unit, install the strip/trim on both sides. That's all. Now you can turn on the unit and test every function now. Enjoy!

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