What Can Aftermarket BMW DVD GPS Navigation Head Unit Do For You?

To the car navigation systems enthusiast and more so BMW car owners, the BMW DVD GPS Navigation Head Unit is the perfect choice for real time car entertainment in as far as quality High Definition (HD) display, quality sound system and detailed navigation are concerned. Depending on the model of your BMW car ranging from the BMW 3 series(E46 or E90), BMW X5 E53 or BMW 5 series E39 and many others, you can choose a BMW DVD GPS navigation head unit that is suitable for you according to your car model.

The aftermarket BMW DVD GPS navigation head unit can do a lot for you as it has been experienced by a number of BMW owners. As mentioned above, this system has a wide full touch screen that allows you to make fast selections for your specifications on the factory menu and the new menu for GPS navigation, USB, DVD player and even the iPod. The screen from the BMW navigation system helps you to keep your kids entertained by playing some DVD movies and cartoons hence less distractions from the children which helps you to concentrate on driving.

The wide screen also offers you convenience. Through its clear pictures one can be able to see clearly the rear part of the car as you drive backwards on the reverse mode if you connect it with a back up camera. This advancement in technology means that the old method of reversing you car by turning your head backwards to check whether you are driving safely so as not to hit the trash-bin or the wall at the neighborhood is a thing of the past. And the new head unit supports your steering wheel controls through a CAN-BUS decoder.

Through integration of the major functions of the main dashboard components such as multimedia, radio, telephone, contacts and navigation into one system with a single controller, the driver is able to make hands free phone calls via Bluetooth connectivity. This reduces distractions so the driver is able to concentrate on driving and avoids causing accidents.

Another benefit of installing the BMW navigation system in your specific BMW car model is that the system enables the driver to receive real time traffic information so that the driver can avoid traffic congestion. With the IGO GPS maps offered for free by most navigation re-seller outlets, the driver is able to track the traffic condition of major road networks that would affect the traffic situation on the roads they are using.

One more benefit that is worth mentioning is that after it has served you diligently for your many navigation and car entertainment needs and you decide to upgrade your car by selling it and purchasing another, the car command is a greater resell value than when it lacks the navigation system.

Since many BMW drivers consider cars with an already installed GPS navigation head unit as more desirable than those without the system, they are willing to spend more to acquire such a car and this assures you that you will get a higher return when you decide to sell you current BMW model with an already installed aftermarket BMW DVD GPS navigation head unit.

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