DIY - Installing a Mercedes-Benz W204 Navigation GPS Head unit to Upgrade Factory Stereo

Installing an aftermarket navigation GPS head unit is nothing new nowadays, not only for its multi-functions to add car entertainment, but also the aftermarket navigation unit makes your car looks modern and cool. For those who have a Mercedes-Benz C-Class W204 like C300, C200, C250, etc, you can upgrade the factory stereo including a small 5.8 inch screen in the dash with an aftermarket Mercedes-Benz W204 navigation head unit, which gives you a new 8 inch high definition touch screen.

Note: The original large screen can not be upgraded with this unit.

2018 Latest Update: New Mercedes Benz W204 Android head unit supports W204 with factory large screen now.

The new Mercedes W204 navigation GPS also comes with a one din DVD player optional, which can be installed in the glove box. But since you can keep the factory CD player working after installation, DVD player is not an essential part for this unit. Besides, your factory car radio, Bluetooth can also work after installation. And the factory screen menus showed on a 5 inch screen before can also display on the new 8 inch HD screen, because you are able to see the factory menus by touching the "Original" icon.

Installation is not difficult for a professional installer, if you have some knowledge of electronic you an also do it yourself. There's a installation manual included in the package which can show you the most steps one by one. If you want to check more pictures when installing this W204 navigation by DVDGPSNAV technicians, you can check this video on youtube:

However, there are some installation tips for new installer.

  •  Firstly you should prepare a special installation tools kit, so that you can detach the original screen unit and radio easily and avoid damage on the surface.
  • If your Mercedes Benz C W204 comes with fiber optic cables from the factory wiring harness, then you will need to move these fiber optic cables to the new plug which connects to the back connector from the factory radio and CD player.

    If you did not move the fiber optic cables, there may be no sound after installation. The sound from the new W204 GPS will be transferred from the original AUX function, so make sure your W204 has a working AUX.
  • If there's no audio/sound after installation, firstly you should check the above step to see if your car has fiber optic cables, if yes, then move them to the correct positions. Then you can check if you have set in AUX mode from factory menus, this is the most probably reason why there's no sound, this is the feedback from one of our customers after done this:
    "Ok thank you I found the issue I did not have it in aux mode and the volume selection was muted , everything works great now thank you ."

    How to activate original AUX mode?

    1. Firstly click "Original" icon at right of top menus of the new screen, so that you can enter the factory menus.

    2. Insert a CD disc into the CD player, the screen will display CD playing, then select "CD', enter, and select "AUX", enter, then the factory AUX mode activates and the screen will automatically change to new UI.
  • From the original plugs, there are a small white plug and a black plug which used to connect the back of the original screen, you don't need to connect them anymore.
  • There's a small speaker included in the package, this is used for the sound from GPS voice. So if you connect this small speaker, the GPS navigation sound will come out from this speaker so that it will not influence other sound from Radio, CD, USB, iPod, etc.
  • Normally the factory functions can still work after installation, in case there's anything wrong with the factory function, you can carefully compare the factory plug with the new plug which connects to the back connector of factory radio and CD player to see if there's any wire missing connected from the new plug, if yes, just move it to the new plug. You can also take some clear pictures and send to us for further checking. 
When installing this Mercedes-Benz W204 Navigation head unit, if you still have a question during installation, welcome to contact us or leave a comment on this post, we will do our best to help you. DVDGPSNAV is a professional and reliable supplier for aftermarket car DVD players, GPS navigation systems.

A new Pure Android OS Mercedes-Benz C W204 GPS unit is available now!
Android 7.1 OS, Quad-Cores 1.6GHz CPU, 16GB ROM, 2GB RAM
1024*600 HD 8" capacitive screen

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