How to Update GPS Maps for Navigation Head Unit?

Have already installed and used an aftermarket in-dash multimedia GPS navigation head unit for years? If yes, you should update your GPS maps with new version now. For some countries road changes are minor but new maps will give you a fresh looking and you can enjoy driving for a trip.

The most common GPS maps in the market are IGO, TomTom, Sygic, etc. Let's take IGO maps for example because IGO maps are widely used all over the world and it's one of the most popular maps nowadays. Old maps are usually located in a SD card which has already inserted into the GPS card slot, which is usually at the front panel of your unit. What you will need to do is replacing the old map files in the SD card with newer ones.

IGO maps include two parts, one is the software and the other is map files. The IGO software is located in the root directory and with a IGO.exe or Primo.exe file included. Map files are located in content > maps folder. If you don't need to update the software then you can just replace map files under maps folder.

Follow below steps will help you update GPS maps easily and safely.
  1. Where can i get new maps? Firstly you can contact the supplier who has sold you the navigation unit and ask them to see if they provide free update for you. If not, you can try to search on google to find new maps for your country.
  2. Firstly you should backup all files from the SD card in your computer. If new maps does not work then you can install back the previous maps, this step is very important.
  3. If you have got the entire new maps including software, then you can delete all files in the GPS card, and copy new maps into the SD card, it may take about several minutes to copy them as the map files are in large size. If you just got maps folder, then you can delete content folder and then delete this folder and copy the new one.
  4. Insert the SD card into the GPS card slot, not the other SD card slot. Now enter into GPS path settings by touch screen, settings > navigation(or navi path), select the root Primo.exe or IGO,exe, click "OK", that' all, then you can test GPS function and see how it works now.
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